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RuneScape Reveals about the RuneScape Reveals speech Mod Mark gave at RuneFest 2017

For those of you at home that haven't heard, right now we've got both Old School and RuneScape running on mobile, giving our mega fans here at RuneFest the first chance to play their proper, real accounts in the live games, via a mobile device.

This joy will be coming to all of you very soon, with Old School being accessible later this year, and RuneScape following shortly after in 2018. It's really a new age of connectivity, giving you the chance to play your favourite game anywhere you like, and stay in contact with your friends wherever you want.

But importantly, this has inspired us to line up a pretty crazy rest of 2017 and a very exciting bunch of new updates for 2018, which I'd like to talk to you about now.

Unfinished Business

As Mod Osborne told us earlier in the year, our main focus right now is Unfinished Business. So what does that mean? It's all about giving you the things we've talked about in the past and really delivering the promises we've made to you.

However, life's pretty boring if you always know exactly what's around the corner. We've also said previously that we'll continue making updates that have the capacity to surprise and delight you – things you never knew you wanted until after they've become part of your RuneScape lives.

Things like Dungeoneering, which came second to Slayer in the recent survey of favourite skills in the game. While there's still plenty of you telling me it's a minigame, not a skill, you certainly seem to like it, even years after its initial launch. The surprise, the wow factor, the social gameplay - the fundamentally different mood you approach that sort of content with is part of its success.

It's up to us to keep a good mix of those old promises, shiny new secret updates and the things you tell us you want more than anything. And the updates I'm going to talk about have hopefully hit that right mix. Of course, we need your feedback to make them as good as they can be. We know that together we're at our strongest.

We ran another huge survey back in the summer, so throughout this I'll be sharing some of those results with you and showing you how they've helped shape the future.

It's important to note that every single update that I am going to talk about in this first section is something we are actively working on. These are real updates, hitting the game within the next 6 months.

Clue Scroll Rework

Last year this was the 9th most wanted update, and its finally coming this winter. And it's a pretty chunky update.

We will be introducing a new Master tier of clue scrolls to satisfy the greatest and highest levels of scroll hunters.

Of course there will be some unique rewards in those new caskets, so let's take a look at them!

First up is another mega rare find sure to be of interest to the merchants out there. That's the Second Age outfits.

These are based on the kind of gear you might have seen back when the gods first showed up and Zaros's empire was at its strongest. As you can see, this is quite heavily influenced by Saradomin – and most RuneScape historians seem to forget that Saradomin was a pretty major player back in the Second Age, with his followers wearing gear very similar to this.

Next, a cosmetic override that - well - sets your swords on fire! It can be applied to all swords, even those on your off-hand slot. You can also see the new ice dye here, capable of making some of your most precious gear even more shiny.

We've also got a unique clue scroll outfit that will help you solve the puzzles they contain. A perfect outfit for the adventurer types out there, it's certainly one of my favourites.

We're also adding a collection log for all scrolls you complete after the launch, so you can see just how you've done over time.

We are still planning to do the cool reward footprints I talked about last year, but this needs some complex work. It will take a while before we are able to do that as we prioritise other projects, but it's coming!

We won't be neglecting the lower tiers of clue scrolls either. We have several improvements underway across all tiers, not least a large-scale rebalance of rewards to make all of them more valuable and worth your time.

We'll also be taking a leaf from the Old School book and adding stash locations for you to store clue scroll specific outfits and gear to help you solve those pesky outfit puzzles.

And we're changing the limitations to how many scrolls and caskets you can hold at any one time, meaning you can make those cool 'opening 100 caskets' videos are finally within your grasp.

Relics | Skilling Off Hands

Back when Evolution of Combat launched, the off-hand weaponry was one of the coolest things about it – and at the time we talked about ways for skillers to benefit from that offhand slot. TO get these weapon you should use lots of rs gold. We did a bit of that with the catalyst fragment rewards from Sliske's Endgame, but really, that was just the start. Alas, you let us know that dual wielding pickaxes was a bit silly, and we wouldn't want anything silly in RuneScape, now would we?

We will be adding far more skilling off-hand items, which come in the form of magical relics.

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